What We Do

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation’s mission is to provide the people and businesses of the Shaker Square area with the leadership and action needed to foster well-maintained, economically strong neighborhoods.

A diverse membership of 400 individuals, families and businesses support us in our pursuits of the following objectives:

• To advocate for Shaker Square and Larchmere commercial districts, and for affordable, safe, diverse, welcoming neighborhoods.
• To promote and advocate for the preservation of the 4,000 units of apartment/ condominium housing located in the Shaker Square area.
• To promote home ownership and housing maintenance in the Shaker Square Area neighborhoods.
• To promote the revitalization of the Shaker Square Area as a regional shopping, entertainment and business district.
• To preserve, protect and enhance the area’s landmark architecture, public spaces and green spaces.
• To address security and quality of life issues within our physical environment.
• To foster neighborhood pride and collaboration.
• To communicate neighborhood news and issues to the community via the quarterly award-winning newspaper, SHAD Connection, and social media.