Revitalization Projects

A part of SHAD’s mission is to assist residents with housing and help the neighborhoods it serves improve its landscape and business initiatives. In the past SHAD has been integral in working with city leaders and civic organizations for a variety of initiatives such as the redesign of Sunbeam School, the Larchmere Boulevard Streetscape and the blight reduction at East 130th Street and Drexmore Road. Below are examples of recent projects that SHAD spearheaded.


Launched in Summer 2021, SHAD brought a national children’s book reading program to Larchmere. Businesses along the Boulevard display a page from a chosen book in their window, so that families have an opportunity to read together while exploring the neighborhood.

Shaker Square Planting

SHAD leadership, along with community volunteers, plant flowers in the large planters in each of the quads around the Square. The large, red planters appeared during the RNC in 2016 and were generously donated to Shaker Square by the City of Cleveland.

The SHAD Connection

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation publishes this award-winning, neighborhood newspaper on a quarterly basis. With circulation of 7,500, The Connection updates the community on neighborhood activities and assistance programs, and helps promote the desirability of living, working, and shopping in our neighborhoods.

Larchmere Merchant Association

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation serves as the administrative agency for the Larchmere Merchants Association. This Association coordinates the marketing and promotion of the Larchmere Blvd. commercial district, sponsors special events, and responds to issues that affect the vitality of the street.

South Moreland neighborhood
Moreland Group

This group was formed by community residents who meet with Shaker Square Alliance (Organize!Ohio) to help stabilize apartment buildings around the Square. Currently, its focus is trained on negligent property owners on North Moreland and South Moreland Boulevards. The group works with city officials and community groups such as SHAD for better enforcement of building and housing codes in this historic landmark district.

Mural Installation

In partnership with the Larchmere Merchant Association and Building Bridges Arts Collaborative, SHAD helped coordinate the installation of the Larchmere “Life Skills” mural at E. 122nd Street just south of Larchmere Boulevard. The mural was created by artist Ted Kurtz, Danny Carver and Katherine Chilcote, was painted by 46 children enrolled in the summer mural institute of Building Bridges Arts Collaborative.